Why the Ram 2500 is the Ideal Truck for Heavy-Duty Jobs

July 10th, 2024 by

Why the Ram 2500 is the Ideal Truck for Heavy-Duty Jobs

When it comes to heavy-duty trucks, the Ram 2500 stands out as a symbol of strength and reliability. It features advanced engineering and robust towing capabilities for tough, everyday work. The truck is a top choice for heavy-duty jobs due to its various advanced safety systems and engine variations. Its features include the following:

Sturdy Construction

The 2024 Ram pickup truck has a rugged design with Bilstein gas-charged monotube skid plates and shocks. This promotes the truck’s manoeuvrability across various terrains. Its construction supports a towing capacity of 16,970 pounds and a maximum payload of 3,140 pounds. It remains stiff on rough roads, and you can barely feel road imperfections compared to the Ram 1500.

Advanced Suspension Systems

The Dodge Ram’s suspension configurations are tailored for comfort and performance. Its rear auto-level air suspension adapts to changes in load and road conditions, maintaining stability and control. When you venture off-road, the system offers a rock crawl settings mode that adjusts the shock valve to enhance low-speed traction.

Safety Features

The power wagon trim is equipped with various security features, including adaptive cruise control with stop and blind-spot monitoring. Its high-strength steel frame provides superior durability and safety. Its build quality integrates towing hardware on the rear-axle structural cross member. Its advanced suspension systems, like the Class-Exclusive Link Coil Rear Suspension, support a higher payload capacity.

Powerful Engine Options

The truck’s engine trim levels cater to diverse needs. The 6.4L HEMI V8 engine delivers enough power for hauling tasks. The 6.7 litre Cummins engine offers impressive power for tougher tasks, enhancing the truck’s capabilities.

Most Ram trucks have a powerful Cummins 6.7-litre engine with an output of 370 horses and 850 lb-ft of torque. The excellent torque ratings provide power for hauling heavy commodities. The engine uses an intelligent exhaust braking system for hauling over steep downgrades at reasonable speeds. A loaded-down trailer makes a truck heavier, adding to the stress on the brakes when going down hills. The ram’s engine controls the speed produced by the turbocharger’s back pressure, preventing you from overusing the brakes.


The Ram 2500 uses a six-speed automatic transmission system with optimized gear ratios that transfer power to the wheels. Its diesel engine can haul a maximum of 20,000 lbs, facilitated by the high torque. It can also handle a payload of 3160 lbs. The standard V8 engine has a 490-pound weight difference, making the engine perform better on the highway.


The Ram 2500 has a powerful turbodiesel engine that delivers exceptional torque and performance. The engine delivers ample power while providing fuel economy, allowing you to complete your tasks while saving on fuel costs. It is reliable and provides a seamless driving experience when hauling heavy loads.

Heavy Duty Performance Efficiency

The ram truck is ideal for bulky loads and tasks that demand a lot of power and strength. It has a high hauling limit, supports powerful engine trims, and delivers exceptional performance. It can also handle light-duty tasks with minimal effort. Visit South20 Dodge in Humboldt today to get a high-performance truck for your needs.


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