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Everything to Know About Buying a Dodge

Based in Michigan, Dodge is one of the most well-known automobile companies in the world. Chances are, even if you’re not a major car person, you’ve – at some point – heard of vehicles like the Dodge Durango, Dodge Viper, and Dodge Challenger. Curious about what other tidbits you should know about the automobile company before you start car buying?

Dodge Sells Stylish, High-Performance Vehicles

All the vehicles currently under the Dodge lineup are gorgeous. Sleek lines, vibrant colors, and exceptional performance make them a great option for many uses, plus they offer the practicality that helps you handle everyday tasks with ease. The current 2024 Dodge models you’ll find include the Durango, Hornet, Challenger, and Charger.

There Are Vehicles at Varying Price Points

The current lineup of Dodge models fall within $10,000 of each other. For example, the most budget-friendly option is the Hornet, with an MSRP of $31,400. The Challenger comes in second at $32,800, and the Charger costs $35,325. Lastly is the Dodge Durango with an MSRP of $40,640. However, these prices aren’t necessarily set in stone. Depending on where you go to buy your new Dodge vehicle, it’s possible to get money knocked off the initial price, such as by doing a trade-in, negotiating, or taking advantage of a good special they’re offering.

Dodge Has a Long, Rich History

Did you know Dodge pre-dates WW1? It was founded by Horace Elgin Dodge and John Francis Dodge on December 14, 1900. The two brothers appropriately named it the Dodge Brothers Company. There have been several changes over the years, such as how Dodge and Ram went separate in 2009. but today, Stellantis is the parent company of Dodge.

Your New Car Includes a Manufacturer Limited Vehicle Warranty

One of the many pieces of good news that comes with buying a new Dodge is that it includes a Manufacturer Limited Vehicle Warranty. You usually have to buy the Extended Vehicle Limited Warranty, which offers you more protection.

Considering how many Dodge aficionados there are, you’ll have no problem gaining more insight as to why Dodge has been around for more than a century and why every fan has their own reasons for loving the vehicles. Car forums are excellent places to start for more details. If you’re interested in buying a new Dodge or a used car, head down to your local car dealership for more information about the specs of the model you’re interested in, details about the various trim levels, and to take a test drive.

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