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Can Dodge Key Fobs Be Reprogrammed?

Dodge key fobs aren’t exactly the type of discussion starter you want when you need your vehicle urgently. Still, that emergency is exactly why knowing about key fobs and key fob programming is essential. Follow these tips before you need to know how to program a key fob and keyless entry for your Dodge Charger and other models.

Owners Manuals and Dealerships

It’s always a good place to start reprogramming your key fob, but when you look for it, the owner’s manual has mysteriously disappeared, or it’s in one place and you’re in another. When that happens, contact your dealership for help. If that isn’t an option, then the DIY route is also available, but you must know how to use it to become mobile again.

DIY Dodge Key Fob Reprogram

Follow these steps to reprogram your Ram key fob:

Get into the driver’s side of the vehicle.
Lock the door with the key fob within 10 seconds.
Put the car key into the ignition. As you turn it to the RUN selection, simultaneously press the UNLOCK button and hold it down on the driver’s door.
At the same time as holding down the Dodge Ram UNLOCK button, press the PANIC button and release both simultaneously.
Press both the UNLOCK and LOCK buttons simultaneously and release them simultaneously.
Press the UNLOCK button again.

Your Dodge Ram should recognize your key fob after following these steps. To see if the process worked properly, climb out of the driver’s seat and use the key fob to enter as you would normally do.

Dodge Push Button Reprogramming

Get into the vehicle.

Press and hold both the UNLOCK and PANIC buttons at the same time.
Release both buttons simultaneously.
Press UNLOCK and wait for your vehicle to indicate the lock cycle.

Dodge Key Fob Battery
Keeping your key fob battery in good condition is also important to maintain keyless entry because the transponder won’t work if the battery is flat. Either keep a spare CR2032 battery or buy one from a nearby local hardware store. Alternatively, keep a second key on you to make things easy.

Remote Start

Having a remote start can also affect your push button entry. The system will shut down if someone else gets into the car and pushes the brake. Only you can start the engine if you get into the car with the key fob on you, enabling system recognition. And if you make the mistake of remote starting your car twice, you will have to program the key fob to get it working again.


When all else fails, you may need to call a locksmith to get you out of a tight situation. Before you call a locksmith, call your dealership to check whether a replacement key will solve your problem or if the locksmith needs a scan tool to gain entry.

South 20 Dodge

‌Whether your Dodge vehicle has a key fob or keyless entry, contacting your dealership for a new key fob or programming is often much easier than DIY. So, put South 20 Dodge on speed dial for the convenient, hassle-free service that makes life easy.

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